There is a plethora of data available to help educate property investors with their investment strategy. Given the value that research can provide to potential investors, we thought we’d look at some of the key statistics we could gather from the hundreds of thousands of residential BMT Tax Depreciation Schedules we have completed for our clients. What we discovered as a picture of the average Australian investor was quite interesting. The majority of investors who contacted BMT to arrange a depreciation schedule during the 2015/2016 financial year, 83.64 per cent, ordered a report for one property. This suggests many Australians are successfully taking their first steps in entering the property market, but the vast majority are buying one property. The data also suggests that approximately 17.2 per cent of investors are expanding their property portfolios to two or more properties.

In fact 11.35 per cent of schedule requests came from owners with two properties, 3.85 per cent of schedule requests were from owners with three or four properties and less than 2 per cent own five or more properties. It is important to note that each time an investor calls BMT we will discuss the depreciation potential for all of the properties they own.

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